We are the Salmon People, Tulalip Tribes - Tulalip Today

We are the Salmon People—resilient fishermen with a deep commitment to living the teachings of our ancestors. Today, you are our neighbors, coworkers, and our partners. Our traditional values continue to help us build a stronger future for everyone.

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We Live our Culture

Like the Cedar Canoes of our ancestors, our culture is the vessel that takes us where we are going and reminds us where we have been. Our heritage and values are directly linked to the initiatives of today.

We are Rooted Here

The lands and waters of the Pacific Northwest have always provided for us. Our ancestors taught us that we are not the “owners” of this land; it is a part of who we are.

We Look Forward

Our teachings tell us that it is imperative to always work hard and do our best: whether sharing our heritage through philanthropy programs or exploring new enterprise opportunities, we continue to look for ways to build a better future.

We Give Back

Just as we are committed to our ancestral lands and waters that make up our present day region, we are dedicated to helping and improving this region.