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A Living Culture

Our oral teachings and traditions tell us that we have always been here. Since the beginning of time, we have lived in harmony on our ancestral lands and waters— as fishermen and hunters, as traders, as neighbors­­— and we still do today. It is our responsibility to make sure that our culture is a vital component of everyday life for our people.

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A Future Inspired By Our Past

The teachings of our ancestors show us how to be in the world. They remind us of our values, bind us together, and teach us how our actions and attitudes shape our world. They are more than instructions on what we should do, they tell us who we are.

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Since Time Immemorial

The Tulalip Tribes are a self-governing people while providing for the well-being of our community members through healthcare, utilities, law enforcement and other social services.

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Serving Our People

For generations, we have believed in the value of work that upholds and serves our people. Through programs like Tulalip TERO, the elders program, youth services, and the Hibulb Cultural Center and Natural History Preserve, our work helps to meet the needs of our community.

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Economic Development Through Innovation

The Tulalip Tribes have built infrastructure that supports a diverse collection of tribal and private enterprises on Reservation lands west of I-5 near Marysville. From gaming to shopping, fine dining to entertainment, we have found many ways to help drive the economy and create jobs for the region while maintaining the core values of our Tribes.

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A Stronger Community For All

Our teachings instruct us to always share with others in need. Giving is one of our most important cultural values. We are taught that to give to others with a good heart is a blessing. This spirit of generosity is behind our giving programs today.

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