Melvin Sheldon Jr. – Tulalip Tribes

Building Bridges

When you think about the opportunities to build bridges – what a great environment to do that.  I really believe that is a huge responsibility.  I try to live up to  a commitment of building bridges so that the succeeding generation of leaders coming forward will have those bridges there for them to cross and to continue to improve relationships, as well as different challenges that we will all face together as a community in the future.

Quil Ceda Village: An Economic Engine

If you fast-forward to today, we now have a thriving, federally recognized city there, with different business entities there, a destination resort if you may call it that.  It is a very large and strong economic engine for the north end of Snohomish County.  We are sincerely and dearly proud that we have created something that is a benefit, not only to our tribal members, but also to our greater community.

Quality Of Life for All

Living in Snohomish County is very attractive.  Many, many people want to live in the great Northwest – we understand that.  We also understand that we have an environmental responsibility to our salmon, to the eagles, to all the ecosystem out there.  Yet also, we know that because people find this place very agreeable to live, we try to work hard to find ways where we can co-exist, where we can live together and provide each of us a quality of life, whether it be for the eagles, the salmon, or for the families working at Boeing or for the Tulalip Tribes.