Teri Gobin – Tulalip Tribes

Vice Chairwoman Gobin brings an immense amount of experience from her time as the Tulalip Marina Port Master, working as AmeriCorps Coordinator, and most recently as the Tulalip Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO) Director. Spending the last thirty-one years dedicated to working for the Tulalip Tribes in Management and Director Position, Teri brings a powerful yet thoughtful style of leadership to the Board of Directors. Sustaining a focus on her tribal community. Starting her career out as a secretary and receptionist, Teri’s solution orientated work ethic provided the opportunity to become a coordinator, manager, and finally Tero Director. Teri has volunteered since 1974 for the Tulalip Tribes Salmon Ceremony teaching the youth about the ceremony, songs, and regalia. In addition to her main duties, she has been a part of several boards and committees including the Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce, the Council for Tribal Employment Rights National Board of Directors, the Snohomish County Workforce Development Council, and the Tulalip Fishermen’s Corporation Board of Directors.